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Lawsuit Lending

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A lawsuit lending company will provide money to a plaintiff in pending and settled lawsuit. In order to diminish total risk, companies will diversify their portfolios with pre settlement and post settlement lending. When a lawsuit lender invests in a case they may charge a flat fee, contingency fee or purchase a share of the lawsuit.

Scott Lemons of Myrtle Beach

April 14th, 2012

Fortis Consulting Group’s work has helped many people through some of the toughest times in their lives. The team of Fortis consists of attorneys, counselors and a small administrative staff. Because of the caring attitudes of the team we have been able to help others with attorney referrals, litigation financing and strategic planning as well as other financial services.

Throughout my career I have continued to invest and raise capital for others and their investment purposes. It seems to be a natural course for me. I am very good at what I do it and enjoy the “ride” that has led me down many roads and into several countries. They have been exciting and rewarding, as far as raising money goes but, also sometimes perilous. I have overcome tremendous obstacles and have come out the other side with a knowledge that most people only read about in books. Going through that has resulted in a company that can help others, Fortis Consulting Group.

I have participated in hundreds of successful real estate and investment transactions that have helped people all over the world. But I have had many that have disappointed me. Through it all I have seen a need in the market for someone to help those that are struggling with how to invest, what to invest in, how to manage their assets, what to do when they are involved in litigation with little or no funds to pursue their case, how to re-modify their home, deed-in-lieu, special workouts and other options that I have had to use or learned about during my career.

I have learned this knowledge by not only successfully investing but also being a part of some very large law suits and learning through it all that the “little guy” can win. But it has not been easy. Which is why I want to share this information with others. So they won’t have to go through what I have.

Having moved to Myrtle Beach in 2004 I jumped right into the real estate market knowing that I had the talent to make a more than comfortable income. I became involved in many activities and found a church family at Beach Church. I almost immediately give my life to Christ and was baptized by Greg Anderson and Charlie McBride. I quickly became a successful realtor along the Grand Strand becoming a top producing agent in less than two years, not only listing and selling but also in investing. I became very successful in a very short time for someone barely out of high school.

In 2007 I was approached about participating in a transaction in Europe. The idea excited me so I agreed. Little did I realize the legal counsel that I hired would get greedy and circumvent my involvement. I had been made to believe the transaction went south. In 2008 I found out that was not exactly the case, but believed I had still missed an opportunity of a life time. In 2009 I found myself traveling to Israel to try to resurrect the transaction. At the same time I learned I was going to be a father and was excited about my unborn daughter. Later we learned that she had a rare genetic disorder and would not survive. On August 7, 2009 Sophie Grace Lemons was born and died. Being a recovering alcoholic, this very nearly pushed me over the edge.

Thoughout this process God used several men of faith to minister to me and love me unconditionally. As a result something rose up in me and I became determined not to succumb or buckle any longer. I found through Christ that I was better than my circumstances. That I don’t need the approval of people to have value and worth. And that I don’t have to be all things to all people. I never would have been able to find comfort and peace through all this had it not been for Christ working through Godly men such as Tommy Britian, Charlie Floyd, Charlie McBride and Pastor Ken Timmerman. Their love and friendship is something I will cherish and covet as long as I live. I am eternally grateful for their patient friendship and loving counsel. They helped to lead me to Christ in a way that I had not understood before. I know I’m not perfect. I’m not really trying to be. Because of their counsel and patient guidance I have been able to surrender to God the things I couldn’t control and pray for determined patience for eveverything else in my life.

This entire process has been extremely painful for me but I have come to value the experiences. They have made me a better individual; more tolerant, less judgmental, more forgiving. Because of where I have been in my life and the lessons I have learned along the way, I know that nothing is too hard for me. I have also discovered that I have a unique ability to help others that are going through similar tough times. At Fortis I am able to help others use options that the average property owner or investor may not be aware of. I also encourage others to stand up against unfair treatment by overzealous attorneys and not be bullied by the process. I am there to help them through the process if needed. Instead of pushing my way to the top to work with some of the richest people on the planet I am proud to be able to work with the “little guy”. Guys like me, only better.

In 2011 I had the pleasure of accompanying a beautiful lady on a mission trip to Europe and the Middle East for 3 weeks. My beautiful Grandmother allowed me to travel with her to places we both love. Going through Turkey, Greece and Israel with her has been one of the highlights of my life and I will cherish that time with her forever. I also continue to stay involved in Christ United Methodist Church and I have a strong affection for First United Methodist Church. Without their support and love as well as the Godly mentors I now have, I wouldn’t be where I am now. God has given me new energy and a new cause; to assist people with a tireless effort for their own life resurrection. After all, it is the least I can do for all He has done for me.