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Lawsuit Lending

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A lawsuit lending company will provide money to a plaintiff in pending and settled lawsuit. In order to diminish total risk, companies will diversify their portfolios with pre settlement and post settlement lending. When a lawsuit lender invests in a case they may charge a flat fee, contingency fee or purchase a share of the lawsuit.

Scott Lemons News

Scott Lemons News | Posted 01.15.16

Scott Lemons of Myrtle Beach is an advocate and a cultural architect for finding ways to improve our community.

In 2014, when the city of Myrtle Beach decided to institute a beach tent ban, Scott was among the first to raise concerns that such a ban might cost us seven night vacationers who stay in 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom condos in the Myrtle Beach area. While those concerns went largely unnoticed in 2014, articles like these have now begun appearing in local newspapers: WEEK STAY VACATIONS DOWN

It is not about being right or the need to be right, said Scott. As a local, I have experienced how large families like to visit the area and put up one large beach tent for the entire family...


Scott Lemons News | Posted 02.03.16

Scott Lemons, Myrtle Beach community leader is a person who believes in the value of true investing.

Myrtle Beach’s celebrated Street Reach has helped thousands of homeless people who struggle with addictions or have just fallen on hard times